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Moving Services

We safely and securely transport your valued belongings with our Professional moving services. Includes use of our picture and wardrobe boxes, as well as floor runners, moving blankets and stretch wrap.

Senior Moving Services

Boomer Movers is proud to offer our own moving services, using our own trucks and team! We feel that there is a certain sensitivity required when providing senior moving services, and we recognize that our services reduce stress and ease the transition into a new dwelling. We ensure all of our employees, at every level, are trained and uniquely qualified in helping the elderly in a respectful and caring way so that every client knows their care, and most precious belongings are in great hands.

There is no extra charge for disassembly and reassembly of furniture, picture hanging, flights of stairs — our price is one hourly price, no hidden surprises. We charge from when our truck leaves the warehouse until it returns and we track time to the quarter hour, so your invoice is as accurate as possible.

Our moving trucks come prepared with all the necessary supplies, including: moving blankets, stretch wrap, floor runners, picture boxes, wardrobe boxes (for hanging clothes), tools for disassembly and reassembly of furniture, and more!

We Will

  • Provide an in-person consultation for large moves, or a phone/ email (pictures welcomed!) consultation for smaller moves. Once the consultation is complete, we’ll present you with our service proposal and estimate.
  • Establish dates and timelines that accommodate your move.
  • Plan and coordinate the entire move, including elevator reservations.
  • Email you a detailed move plan, including dates and times, so that you have all the information you need written down in one place. We can send it to your family too, if you wish!
  • On moving day, our team will pack hanging clothes, large artwork, and lampshades.
  • Stretch-wrap and/or blanket furniture to ensure safe arrival.
  • Supply wardrobe and picture boxes at no extra cost (though you may purchase them should you wish to keep them)
  • Professional moving team will wrap and protect your furniture before bringing it to your new home.
  • Arrange furniture under your guidance in your new home, so that you aren’t left to move it once we have departed for the day.
  • Minimize the stress that comes with moving day.