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Pack a Moving Truck Like the Pros

Moving by yourself can be a challenging task on many levels. Not only do you need to know how to properly pack your belongings so they stay safe in transport, you also have to know which size moving truck you have to rent so everything fits. And of course you also have to know how to load the truck in the right way so that you can maximize the space you have while reducing the amount of damage during transport.

It’s a lot of work, which is why it’s a wise idea to hire professional movers. Here are some tips on the best ways to pack a moving truck.

Before Loading the Truck

There are a few things to handle before you even start loading your belongings. This will ensure a quicker and safer truck-loading procedure.

Get the Right Size Truck

This is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario. You don’t want to choose one that’s too small because you’ll have to cram everything inside, and you don’t want one too large because you’ll be paying for space you don’t need. Not to mention, your belongings may shift too much with all that space, leading to damage.

Disassemble Large Furniture

You’ll want to take apart large furniture items so they are lighter, smaller and easier to pack. Not only is it easier to take smaller pieces out of the house, it’s easier to load them onto the truck, with reduced risk of damage to large and cumbersome parts. Cover the main part of the furniture with thick moving blankets for added protection.

Pack Boxes Safely

Pack the rest of your belongings in cardboard boxes. Leave plenty of time for this task. Start it early and chip away room by room so you’re not rushed in the end.

Load moving boxes

You’re going to want to pack everything tightly to avoid movement in transit. Load boxes one at a time, placing them in the gaps between the furniture and appliances. Load heavier boxes on the floor, and stack lighter boxes on top. Pack moving boxes and containers in rows going from the floor to the ceiling.

Boxes with fragile items such as glasses, plates, and lamps should be placed beneath hollow pieces of furniture like tables, chairs and desks. Lastly, you should load your essentials box so you can quickly grab it when you open the truck door at the new place.

Arrange heavy items in a triple T-formation

Arrange tall furniture and appliances in the front of the vehicle so they’re touching the wall closest to the cab. These include dressers, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, bookcases, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. Arrange long items such as mattresses and headboards along the sides.

Place tables, desks, and chairs in the middle area so that everything together resembles a triple-T (TTT)