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Is Boomer Movers still open?

We are still providing services as moving services are classified as an essential service.
As Covid protocols have changed, we adjusted our internal policies and procedures to keep our team and clients as safe as possible given the circumstances.

What policies have you implemented to protect clients and staff during COVID-19?

Our management team monitors COVID-19 updates, and we adjust our procedures as a result to ensure we are providing our team with the most up-to-date information and safety measures. We support our team members; some are comfortable working, and others have taken a step back to protect themselves or their loved ones at a high-risk for COVID-19. Nobody will be penalized for keeping themselves safe.

What policies have you implemented to protect clients and staff during COVID-19?

In the interest of keeping both clients and our team safe, our team complies with building and/or retirement home policies on arrival to check-in and complete a questionnaire and temperature check prior to entry, and again on exit. These protocols should not impact our services to a great degree, as we continue to strive to get you where you need to go.

Our current safety procedures include:

  • Our staff are instructed to let us know the minute the feel unwell so we can adjust our team members, or postpone
  • All staff are instructed to use the hand sanitizer and/or hand soap, disposable gloves, disposable face masks, cloth face masks and filters, and sanitizing wipes available for their use.
  • Where possible, we practice physical distancing on job sites, in our moving trucks, and on elevators.
  • No physical contact with clients, including handshakes
  • When possible, our team will set up a “sanitation station” on client sites with hand soap or sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • Masks are required PPE in all indoor spaces, and when additional PPE is required in retirement or long-term care homes we are happy to comply!
  • We disinfect moving truck handles and steering wheels, packing kits, and warehouse door/ light switches on a daily basis.
  • A summary of information on COVID-19 transmission and symptoms are posted on our warehouse notice board.
  • Wherever possible, buildings currently undergoing an outbreak of COVID-19, we attempt to reschedule lients.