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Who We Are?

We are a Senior Move Management company that assist and guide the downsizing and relocation process, creating a smooth and stress-free transition for seniors and their families.

No matter where you’re starting from or where you’re going, we’ll help you create a clear path forward. We serve as the bridge that makes life’s transitions easier to navigate. Our kind and compassionate team understands both the physical and emotional toll associated with moving out of the family home. That’s why we will help with as much or as little as you need.

Boomer Movers is passionate about helping people. Our services are special because of the team that delivers those services – we all care about and love what we do! We take great pride in the services we provide, and our team is committed to the best possible client experience.

Above all else, our focus with our elderly moving services is that each client and their family receive the respect and attentive care that is empowering in an often dis-empowering stage of life. Getting to know our clients is an important first step and one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Senior Move Manager. Empathetic listening is key to better understand our clients needs and concerns around preparing for what can be a very emotional chapter in their lives. We genuinely love what we do, and strive to demonstrate this in everything we do for you and your loved ones.

Many seniors have family who cannot be physically present to help. We respect that it isn’t always possible to be here when your parents need assistance, and we will support both you and your parents to the best of our ability. Let us handle the arrangements from A to Z, and rest easy with the knowledge that our experienced team will ensure a smooth transition. Our office can send you email updates of the process, as well as pictures of your loved one’s new home once services are complete!

Regardless of whether you are choosing to move or downsize to a smaller home or apartment, a senior community or retirement home, we can assist you in identifying and prioritizing your needs. We can help with as much or as little as you need, and the decisions are always in your hands!

A Nicer Way To Move

Professional Senior Moving Services

Elderly couple moving

Downsize & Transition

We can plan the whole process, start to finish! Sorting, packing, moving,  unpack and set up your new home — beds made, pictures hung, ready to settle in and relax!

Moving Truck

Moving Services

We safely and securely transport your valued belongings with our Professional moving services.  Our trucks are equipped with all protective tools such as floor runners, wall/ bannister pads, moving pads, stretch wrap and more. 

Organizing clothes

Decluttering & Organization

From sorting out messy bathroom cabinets and closets to re-organizing your entire house, we’ll help you decide what to keep/sell and arrange everything in a practical, thoughtful, manner.

Valuables packed for moving

Estate Services

Assistance  with the clearing, dispersal and sales of un-needed household contents associated with your estate. We handle it all, so that you can focus on more important things.

Additional Services

Boomer Movers provides additional value added  services that help put together all the pieces. We offer so much more than just moving services because it is our mission,  to create a smooth and stress-free transition, for seniors and their families.  Read more to see how we can help!

Its As Easy As 1,2,3

Our Moving Process


Arrange a free, no obligation, in-home consultation with our Senior Move Manager. They’ll meet you, have a tour of your place, learn about your goals and timelines and make suggestions to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

At the end of your consultation, they will prepare a service proposal with an estimate for your services.

If an in-home consultation is not possible, we will create a service proposal based on the information you are able to provide. For the most accurate estimate possible, we always suggest that you send photos of your space and the items to be packed and/ or moved.


Once you decide you want to move forward with Boomer Movers, our Senior Move Manager will make all necessary arrangements for your services. Once the plan is in place, you will receive your detailed move plan including dates, times, and locations for each service to make sure we are all on the same page, and allow you to make any final adjustments. If you would like we can email the plan to your family or friends!


We will carry out your services as efficiently as possible, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan with your approval, based on our progress or any new tasks arise that you may want help with!

When all services are complete we send out the invoice.

We Are Here To Help

Assisting Retirement Communities

Relocation Project

Upgrading to a new building can be both exciting and overwhelming for you and your residents. If your Establishment requires assistance with the relocation process of moving to a new building, Boomer Movers is here to help. We are experienced in Logistics and Large Scale Relocation Projects. We would be happy to make this an exciting, stress free transition for you and your community.

Complementing Retirement

Our Senior Move Management Services can help remove the often-overwhelming challenges associated with ‘would be’ residents downsizing to a smaller space, and getting them settled into your community in a timely, supportive, stress-free manner. In fact, some retirement communities offer Boomer Movers Services as incentive packages to remove any downsizing roadblocks converting prospects into happier residents sooner.


Downsizing is often an overwhelming task- especially for those who have accumulated many items over the years. We offer our knowledge & expertise on how to tackle decluttering and downsizing with helpful tips & tricks for sorting, organizing, and letting go of items that often prevents people from moving forward. These seminars are offered to seniors groups and grand openings for new senior communities, helping to reduce barriers for incoming resident's.

Your First Alternative To Family

Expert Care For Your Transition

Compassionate Caring Staff

All inclusive, Stress free


Customized Process

Transparent, Competitive Rates

Care in the Details

Complimentary, in-home Consultation

Bonded an Insured

Detailed Estimates & Invoices


What Our Clients Say


Our Response

frequently asked questions

Moving is stressful no matter how old you are, and it gets even harder with years of memories and possessions collected in one home. In fact, more than half of seniors say that avoiding the hassle of moving is a reason why they want to age at home, according to a survey by the National Council on Aging.

Senior move managers relieve this burden, specializing in helping older adults downsize and transition to assisted living communities or other housing. We spoke with Jennifer Pickett and Mary Kay Buysse, the executive team at the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), about the benefits of hiring a senior move manager.

1. Senior movers are experienced and vetted.

NASMM requires its members to have general liability insurance, take classes in ethics and safety, and provide a signed contract to protect the manager, the family, and their senior loved one. They also have a code of ethics and standard of practice for all members.

Many senior movers have found move management as a postretirement career. Some have backgrounds in nursing, social work, and psychology while others worked in marketing, project management, or even information technology. Often, the combination of their professional background, life experience, and desire to connect with seniors prepares them for this unique role.

2. Senior move managers can save time.

Some families will hire a move manager months in advance to begin decluttering or downsizing the senior’s home room by room over time. Others will go all-in for a weekend.

Especially for geographically distant families, senior move managers can save considerable time and resources. Instead of adult children making multiple flights for organizing, moving, open houses, and estate sales, the mover can manage many of these tasks.

Senior movers also rely on technology to support families while conserving resources, says Pickett. “If you’re in a long-distance situation, a lot of the downsizing and selling can be done virtually. Move managers have that technology at their fingertips, from inventory to virtual organizing tools.” For example, managers can set up family virtual chats, or use tools like online marketplaces to make sales.

3. Move managers help seniors downsize with dignity.

When a person lives in one home for their entire adult life, they fill it with reminders of the people and places they love.

“The art of senior move management is helping older adults part with their possessions without parting with their memories,” says Pickett.

It can be hard for younger generations to understand the emotional difficulties of downsizing a senior’s home. Members of Generation X have moved 40% more often than baby boomers, and millennials increasingly choose experiences over objects. This disconnect can leave adult children frustrated at their aging parent’s reluctance to let things go.

Senior move managers encounter this situation often, and they can empathize with elderly adults struggling to downsize. They’re able to provide creative solutions that family members may not have considered.

Buysse describes a move manager working with a woman in her 80s, a passionate traveler who had visited countries across the globe. Throughout their travels, the woman and her husband acquired 85 unique teapots.

“She was absolutely despondent over the fact that this move to a 500-square-foot apartment could mean, for the first time in 50 years, that those teapots would not be with her,” says Buysse.

The senior move manager suggested the woman select her three favorite teapots to display in the dinette cabinet in her new assisted living apartment. She took photos of the other 82 teapots, combined all those photos into a single poster, had the poster professionally printed and framed, and presented it to the woman as a gift. This thoughtful, professional gesture is one example of how senior move managers can find creative solutions to help loved ones cope with the difficulties of downsizing.

4. Senior movers can save your family money.

The national average cost of a senior move manager is between $40 and $80 an hour, depending on the location and type of move. Often, managers will also offer package options based on client needs. NASMM requires all partners to provide comprehensive estimates to each prospective client. In addition to reducing expensive travel plans and the costs associated with moving trucks, senior moving services have the resources to recoup your loved one’s expenses through sales and discounted rates from professional partners, like cleaning services and appraisers.

Senior relocation specialists know how to sell and donate.

A senior mover has a streamlined process for the aging adult’s possessions. They may start by taking photos of the entire house and sharing them with family members to determine what should be kept. Once that’s decided, the planner will work to find the best homes for the senior’s remaining items. “There are a lot of options, and the dumpster is the last resort,” says Buysse.

  • They’ll organize donations to charities like Habitat for Humanity or Move for Hunger while ensuring that all donations are documented for tax-deduction purposes.
  • Senior move managers may also have resources to sell unique treasures like antique books, Civil War memorabilia, or entire collections, says Pickett.
  • If your family decides to have an estate sale, the move manager can connect you with an estate expert or sometimes conduct the sale themselves.

Move managers have connections.

With real estate agents, cleaning services, appraisers, and staging experts in their network, most move managers can help families cover every aspect of the moving process. Senior move managers who don’t offer trucks and boxes can often recommend trusted moving companies as well.

  • This goes beyond convenience: These connections may save a family money through specialized discounts.
  • Some senior living communities partner with local senior move managers. If you’re considering hiring one, ask prospective communities if they have any incentives to help lower costs.

5. Move managers allow seniors to feel in charge of difficult transitions.

It’s important to involve seniors in the moving process so that they don’t see the transition as something happening to them. This may mean organizing clothing and books or sorting through a box of Christmas ornaments — it all depends on your loved one’s physical and cognitive condition. If your aging relative is able to make some decisions, they’ll be more likely to accept the move, says Pickett.

Often, a change in health or the loss of a spouse prompts a move to a senior living community.

“There’s so much loss associated with aging,” says Pickett. “Unfortunately, most of the time when seniors decide to move, something has happened, and they’re not necessarily in the position where they’re in total control.” An impartial third party can bring order to the moving process, reducing stress for both the senior and their adult children. “That way the family can focus on the physical and emotional needs of their loved one.”

6. Senior move managers can emotionally prepare older adults for assisted living.

One of the biggest hesitations seniors have about transitioning to assisted living is a desire to age at home, surrounded by familiar memories and possessions. If an older adult is struggling with the decision to move into independent or assisted living, communities may recommend reaching out to a move manager to ease the process.

“One of the best skills a senior move manager brings to the table is their ability to listen. There’s the physical side of moving, but there’s also the emotional side of leaving what they’ve known and starting a new normal,” says Pickett.

During a consultation with a senior and their family, a senior mover can listen to concerns and offer solutions based on their experience with others in similar situations. They can help reduce the fear of downsizing and make a seemingly overwhelming process less daunting. Once the decision to move to assisted living has been made, move managers help set an older adult up for a successful transition.

“It’s so important to make a senior move seamless and stress-free,” says Pickett. “If a move goes poorly, the stress that’s associated can really send an adult into a downward spiral.”

7. Senior move managers can prevent family conflict.

The stress of moving, coupled with conflicting personalities, can lead to arguments among adult children and their aging loved one. Often, one sibling will try to speed up the sorting and packing process. “They may say something like, ‘Mom, you don’t really need this thing.’ But it isn’t their decision — it’s her decision,” says Pickett. A senior move manager can de-escalate the situation and put the argument into perspective.

Move managers can calmly provide an objective perspective and guide families through the process of deciding which things to keep, sell, and donate. “There are a lot of memories and emotions wrapped up for the adult children as well,” Pickett notes. “Senior move managers are valuable because they help take that emotion out.”

Creating lasting connections during life changes

Sometimes, senior move managers will pack and ship hundreds of items. Other times, they’ll set up transportation and accompany loved ones across the country. No matter how involved your family’s move manager is, the process of downsizing and moving often creates a personal relationship. It’s not unusual for move managers to be in touch with clients long after they’ve settled in.


Housingwire. “Younger Generations are Moving More Than Others.”

Absolutely! We don’t check ID! We find that more and more families are choosing Boomer Movers because it’s a nicer way to move. 

We are contacted by various sources:

  • Older adults
  • Family members
  • Banks and Trustee’s
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Social service providers/social workers
  • Senior living communities
  • Physicians
  • Home care and other health providers
  • Realtors
  • Staging professionals

The move transition company will meet with you on site and provide a detailed estimate of services and costs. This is why we offer up to 1 hour free consultation, allowing you adequate time to discuss all of your needs, as we get to know you, and the full scope of the work to be done, in both your current home, as well as the one you will be moving to. See the ‘Example Quote’    

A professional move management company is solely dedicated to transitioning seniors and should be available to meet your timeline. Their process should be quick and cost-efficient with all services under their umbrella to ensure a time-efficient transition. Following the free consultation, the consultant will present an estimate that clearly states the number of days and hours to complete the job. If you are planning a move in the future, it is a good idea to meet with the consultant now to confirm services, hours, costs and timelines so that you are ready to go once you make the final decision. Contact us now

Whether you are downsizing into a smaller apartment, or staying in your current home, we assist in the floor planning to arrange your favourite furniture for the best possible mobility, safety, and ease of use in your new home.

Getting rid of possessions we’ve grown attached to isn’t easy for anyone. It can feel like giving up cherished memories and this is especially true for seniors. When faced with leaving a home we’ve lived in for a few decades, this may be especially difficult for the elderly who may feel if they lose the possesion, they will lose that memory. Having a trusted advisor on senior living issues can go a long way in helping seniors and their families navigate their way through what to get rid of and what to bring into a smaller home, be it assisted living or retirement community.

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