Having an expert can take away family stress and simplify what can often bring up a lot of emotion, in the most dignified way for your senior loved one. 

Boomer Movers…

  • Provide affordable rates, so you can decide what fits your budget
  • Takes care of the packing and unpacking, so you can be available to support your parent’s emotional needs, instead of doing the physical work
  • Are insured and bonded, so you can be confident that your belongings are protected
  • Help clients stage their home, so is sells quickly at the highest price
  • Help you develop a floor plan, so you can visualize your belongings in you new home and be confident everything will fit
  • Take care of all the details, so you can sleep at night
See short video on why hire a Senior Move Manager: https://www.nasmm.org/about/hire_smm.cfm

NOTE: There are no two moves that are alike; each will have its own individual characteristics, and time requirements that influence price. Boomer Movers Inc. will provide a written estimate approved and signed by the client prior to work commencing.