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We make the Transition smooth for you Downsizing easy for you

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact age when an adult needs to move. It is a gradual process that enforces the need for
some kind of support by family or friends in the need for a move, either for ease of life or health. Boomer Movers can help.

Courteous & Caring Staff

From the first conversation to the final goodbye, our wish is to build respectful, caring and comforting relationships with our clients that will leave a lasting impression.

Dont break the Bank

Our goal is to work with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your move or project. Please email, or give us a call.

Stress Free Moving

We’ll be honest; the words ‘stress- free, and moving’ don’t often go hand in hand. Moving can be a stressful experience at the best of times.

Working with You

Any successful endeavor begins with trust. The initial free consult is key to you getting to know us and asking all the questions you need to make an informed decision whether we are a good fit to help make your move a success.

We got the Details

Decades can fly by, and things accumulate, but don’t worry, we get it all down on paper. Helping you sort through all the details of downsizing is what we do.

To your Satisfaction

Senior Move services are not ‘all or nothing’. We offer as little or as much help as you need, creating a workable timeline that suits your schedule.

Value for Life

Expert Care for your Transition

  • Friendly and Trained Staff
  • Care in all the Details
  • Free consultation
  • Confidential
  • Bonded & Insured
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Don't Take our Word for it

Our Clients Words

Mr. Johnny H.

Overall, it was a good transition from home to the care facility. Regardless of who was doing it, myself or Boomer Movers, had it challenges, for sure with my Dad's dementia. Thanks to the staff in helping us get through this process of life for my Dad.

Mrs. Barbara M

I would trust to use this company for those ready for this. They are kind and considerate and helped alot when it came to our mom during the whole process. It took a weight off our shoulders, as we were feeling guilty not able to help more, they assured us that...

Mrs. Agnes M

In November I had to be hospitalized & then in turn put on a waiting list for a level 4 senior care facility. My granddaughters from Airdrie are the closest family. Brenda & Sue had such a difficult time trying to navigate everything that needed done, as they work...

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